Jonathan Miller, CPA is the Co-Founder and President of the Sports Financial Advisors association with 30 years’ experience in the Sports and Entertainment Management field. Jonathan started StarCross Management after years of seeing abusive managers overcharge and underperform and self-destructive clients be allowed and enabled to destroy their very own support.

Jonathan is committed to teaching clients to understand their finances; to understand the processes; and see the detailed information needed to make decisions about their personal and professional lives. Jonathan’s goal is to educate clients to build a foundation of financial awareness so that the clients are able to make informed and knowledgeable decisions. We want them to ask questions and to be involved.

The Just One Project is a 501(C)3 that, along with the Sports Financial Advisors Association, is working to develop a Student Athlete Financial Education Program that serves to not only reverse the trend of athletes making fatal financial decisions, but by doing so the project hopes to cultivate financial literacy as a life skill for student-athletes, active and retired professionals and their families.

From the elite professional ranks to the early retirees and from the scouted middle school students to the coveted college picks, all have experienced a unique culture that demands an acumen few are prepared or trained for in their careers. Some have squandered millions of dollars in months while others have made more money in retirement than in their entire sports careers. Made vulnerable or supportively boosted by their advisors, family, friends, mentors, unions and other, these driven and focused athletes are either defeated or victorious in the pursuit of maximizing their best assets.

Yet through the Just One Project, we believe that by harnessing the power of their incredible psyche, these athletes, with good stewardship of their finances, have the capacity to make unmatched contributions to their communities and pay it forward like no others impacting and inspiring many generations to come.

We believe that the education must start at the Middle and High School level and maintain a consistent message throughout college and into the Professional Ranks. However, the financial education of the athlete is a “hot potato” that the professional teams and leagues do not want to handle One of the keys to success for any athlete is building their brand and using that brand to create value and income after their career is over.

For all athletes there will be an end to their athletic career. For some it happens in high school, when they don’t get a scholarship to the college of their choice; for others it occurs in college when they get injured and realize the dream is over; for others it hits when they are not drafted into the professional leagues, and finally for those lucky enough to get drafted, it could happen immediately by being cut; or, for the rare few, it happens 10 years after an amazing career. In any instance, rarely are any of these young men and women over the age of 30.

We believe it is CRITICAL to build, hone and use networking as a means to create future wealth and career choices.


In October of 2012, ESPN reported about Professional Athletes earning Millions and then going broke. 75% of NFL and NBA players are broke or divorced and broke within 3 years of completing their career. Notables include NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, but also include WNBA, NASCAR. The show “broke” was their highest rated 30 for 30 Documentary and was watched by over 2.7 Million viewers.

ESPN-Why Athletes go Broke

Still more than 5 years later it appears that we hear a monthly story about an athlete getting swindled, defrauded or simply going broke.

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