Beyond the Game and the Just One Project

Beyond the Game” is an engaging documentary project giving the audience an up close and intimate glimpse into the celebrated world of athletes who have traversed and mastered the highs and lows associated with their lifestyles and sports.

Yet by harnessing the power of their incredible psyche and wellness, these athletes, with good stewardship of their finances and wellbeing, have the capacity to make unmatched contributions to their communities and pay it forward like no others impacting and inspiring many generations to come.

Produced and directed by Susan Sember in association with co-producer, Jonathan Miller, “Beyond the Game” began production in July 2015. Since then we have captured hundreds of hours of footage (4K-8K) on this project here in the U.S. and abroad. We are interested in truly making a difference in the lives of current, retired and future athletes. We know countless athletes that have not stepped in the spotlight with these issues and we feel honored, that several have, for the first time, shared these stories with us.

A portion of the funding for The Just One Project will come from the assets created through the film. By having both the film as a fund raising tool, we will be able to create revenue sources through events, sales of content through commercial distribution to companies such as Netflix, Discovery as well as International Airlines looking for content. Our hope is that these venues will provide an ongoing source of funding for the project.

In addition, because of the excess footage not used in the film ,we will have assets to use for video learning webcasts, video introductions to topics of discussion which we feel will add validity and commercial appeal to the education programs developed.

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